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Whole-House Energy Audits Give You The Biggest BANG For Your Buck

A New Leaf Home Energy Performance Review doesn't just focus on a single component of your home such as single-paned windows, an old heating system, or leaky ductwork. We take a "whole-house approach" that tests and assesses how your home's systems work together to deliver energy efficiency and maximum cost savings and comfort.

To do this we test your house using state-of-the-art equipment like blower doors, duct blasters and infared imaging.

  • We look for common areas of leakage in your attic and basement.
  • We evaluate the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling systems.
  • We test gas appliances for safety to make sure that the ventilation in your home isn't causing dangerous backdrafting of carbon monoxide.
  • We look at the windows and doors for poor sealing and efficiency
  • We review the efficiency of the appliances in your home including your water heater and lighting
  • We review your utility bills and benchmark them against other homes of the same size
  • We test for leakage in your ductwork to make sure that your hot and cool air is making it to the right places in your home
  • We uncover hidden leaks and poorly insulated walls and ceilings

All this information is entered into a detailed report that shows you where your home performs well and where it could use improvement. All the improvements are ranked with those that give you the biggest bang for your buck at the top of the list.

A HVAC contractor will probably tell you that the best way is a new furnace, a insulation salesperson will guarantee new insulation will save you money and a window salesperson may explain how new windows will solve your the draft problems in your home. But unless someone evaluates your whole-home they can never really tell you the most cost-effective way to improve it.

That's why we say an energy audit will let you learn how to improve your home the RIGHT way!

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